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The BULL SHED is the industry’s top of the line, extra tough storage building, built to, and exceeding Florida Building Code specifications. That means the BULL SHED is designed and engineered to withstand the punishment of even the most severe South Florida weather conditions.

Smithbilt’s BULL SHED utilizes structural quality galvanized steel plates and framing fasteners, producing the strongest, most cost effective storage structure money can buy. Each Smithbilt BULL SHED carries an insignia that certifies the entire structure is in complete compliance with the Manufactured Buildings Act and has been inspected and registered with the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs.

A Smithbilt BULL SHED storage building is designed to be positioned securely and close to the ground on a super strong foundation system. Hidden from sight is our 2 X 6 fully pressure treated floor joists.The 3/4” tongue and groove, pressure treated flooring system is resistant to both termites and moisture. The entire structure looks hand constructed and solid, because it is.


The same kind of strength and sturdy truss system found in your home is employed in every roof of a BULL SHED, guaranteed for strength and sturdiness. No matter how tough a BULL SHED may be on the inside, its exterior is just as rugged. Also hidden from sight, all corners, roof edges and roof peaks are sealed with butyl vinyl tape and then covered with aluminum edging. All roofing screws are coated and include a neoprene washer to ensure a weather tight seal.  The versatility of our exterior colors and designs makes it simple to match the exterior of your home or business utilizing Smithbilt’s variety of baked enamel, maintenance-free aluminum finishes.




The Doublewide

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